“I have done several shoots with Le Belles Its You Photography. Some fashion editorials and some more glossy Lingerie style shoots. She has such an amazing eye. You get shots that you couldn't even imagine, and nothing like any of your other photo shoots. It looks so good on my website and profiles to have such varied styling and editing.  The shoot is so much fun. She is really good at helping you pose, and makes you feel amazing! !Photographic shoots are not my favorite thing to do to be honest, I get self conscious and I get nervous, but she always manages to pull me out of it and get my creative juices flowing!

I am always in love with the end results of shooting with Le Belles Its You”.

Louella York

"I was recently lucky enough to spend of couple of hours shooting with Le Belles Its You Photography, and the results were stunning. Prior to the shoot, she had clearly communicated the vision she had for the glamour style shoot and I was excited to see her ideas come to fruition. 

She had an amazing narrative in mind, which she communicated concisely and clearly. It really helped me "feel" the visual and made modeling easy. She was incredibly adept with shooting with zero assistance, subtly changing the lighting by herself until the results were perfect. It was wonderful to see someone with so much passion creating a scene.

Within under two hours, we had shot three different sets and were choosing favorite frames. The following day the edits she had produced were absolutely beautiful. I was amazed that such a concise shoot had yielded such gorgeous results.

It is a joy to work with together, she is also a true artist. She has vision, is practical and such and easy and relaxed attitude. Thank you Le Belles Its you! "

Marcella Romaine